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Our Rate Calculator

Our "easy to use" PURCHASE or REFINANCE RATE CALCULATOR is a unique title insurance premium rate calculator.


Get the information you need FAST.


In two simple steps, generate the following data in a disclosure ready format.

  • Title and Settlement Rates
  • Transfer Taxes
  • Recording Fees


Either Purchase or Refinance calculator allows you to get closing costs for accurate Good Faith Estimates (GFE) and estimated Closing Disclosure/HUD statements.


Our rate calculator can provide instant and accurate disclosures for mortgage refinance loans and real estate purchases.


Our rate calculator is free to use and can help you to gather the details of each refinance transaction or each purchase transaction to ensure an accurate quote.


Our rate calculator offers the following features:

  • Quote title insurance premiums, endorsements, and closing fees. Get quotes quickly online — fast and accurate.
  • Quote recording data, mortgage taxes, and transfer taxes. Obtain valuable figures for HUD statements and Good Faith Estimates where there is no tolerance for error.
  • Seller’s Sheet available for your Realtors. Using our streamline quoting, you can provide your Realtors with a valuable tool to estimate costs for potential listings.
  • Interactive GFE. Use this valuable tool to see exactly what fees go into which boxes on the GFE.
  • Certificate of Guarantee available. A certificate is available when you want to provide a guarantee that what you have quoted will be honored.
  • Our rate calculator is web-based. Any computer with an Internet connection and standard browser can access the system for a quote.
  • Print the entire quote for historical reference. Every quote can be printed and reprinted so you and your clients have a record of every transaction. Plus we keep every quote active in our system for 120 days. Archived quotes are retained indefinitely.