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What does Liberty Title do?

When a piece of property changes hands, agreeing on a price is just the first step in long journey. Next there are many legal documents that must be prepared and agreed to in order for the transaction to go forward. As a title and escrow company, Liberty Title acts as legal counsel on behalf of our client, whether a homebuyer/seller, lender, or real estate agent.  There are two main services we provide: 

  • Title services ensure a clear legal ownership, tracing the property’s history to make sure all possible claims of ownership and any inconsistencies have been addressed and resolved, and offering insurance that your title is clear.
  • Escrow services provide a neutral "holding area" for funds to be transferred until all the legalities have been cleared.

Why work with Liberty? 


Our lawyers’ and paralegals’ wealth of technical experience and knowledge ensures an accurate and smooth transaction, no matter the size or type of transaction. We never point out challenges to the transaction without also offering a solution. We understand the differing priorities of the various stakeholders and can work to eliminate any bumps in the road.

Accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. 

Each of these services can become extremely intricate and involve numerous legal issues. That’s why you want to work with title and escrow attorneys that you have confidence in to get it right the first time, that are nimble enough to accommodate changing situations, and that can ensure a trouble-free transaction.  

Advanced technology that delivers speed and convenience. 

When it comes to closings, time is always of the essence. For instance, our state-of-the-art virtual closer gives professionals real-time online access to ordering titles, valuable tracking, and allows visualization of loan documents along the way. 

You have a choice in real estate settlement agents. Make the best one.




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I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the expert assistance provided to my wife and I as we tried to rectify an error pertaining to the assignment of a past mortgage. Because of your efforts I was able to refinance our home without the specter of an erroneous past lien.

Robert G. Grenier

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